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Help with Stress!

Stress is a major factor in modern life.
Some kinds of stress can help us achieve more, but most of it just floods our body as stress hormones. These don't get used up in the way they are intended. (no sabre-toothed tigers to fight!)
Studies have shown that just watching upsetting scenes, causes our brain to tell our body to react as if we are actually having that experience. It cannot tell the difference! This causes great disturbance to our equilibrium.

What is a session like?
Sali from iwork4uglos visited for a treatment- Watch Sali's review!

If you are struggling with
physical pain
emotional pain or other difficulties,
feel free to contact me and I will be delighted to see how I can help. I have been helping people practically and intuitively for years, and love to watch the hope and health come back into people's lives.

I can help to accelerate your deep healing, clear existing unwanted blockages to health and promote a deep sense of well-being.

These treatments work on all levels, emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually, encouraging your body to move forward in accelerated healing.

No time for YOU?

We often forget to meet our own needs whilst we cater for the needs of others.
While some see this as being selfless and kind, if you do not take responsibility for your health it can be damaging in the long term .
Otherwise, how can you function at your best and be helpful to others?

Make time for healing before imbalances become illness
If you have work/life imbalances then it is quite likely that you already have physical or emotional imbalances.
If these are ignored for too long, physical symptoms can result.
The 'relaxation response' that occurs in a holistic reflexology or reiki treatment facilitates our own healing; our biological systems strive for 'homeostasis'; the complex inter-relationship between the body functions that keep us internally balanced and healthy.

Havening Techniques®

I am currently working towards a practitioner qualification in a new psycho-sensory therapy. To see more check out for more info on what this amazing new therapy is!

I would love to hear from you if you feel this may be be something that you can relate to or benefit from. Get in touch if you would like to be considered.

'I recently experienced a Havening session with Janie at The Healing Company. A treatment I had not opted for before as I was not aware of what was involved, this was something new to me. If you can be open to all eventuality and open your consciousness, leave any inhibitions at the door, I can assure you, you will absolutely reap the benefits of this powerful form of healing. Of course, your guide needs to be open, caring, safe and empathetic, all of which Janie has in abundance. I am now 6 weeks on and feel very differently about my concerns, I truly haven't really looked back, and if I have it has been momentary and easily managed. I recommend Janie and Havening to anyone that wants to move on, feel differently and enjoy what you have. Thank You Janie.' Jun 03, 2016 Claire Stephens

'I have just had the most amazing experience. As lots of you are aware I'm on a journey doing lots of mindset and personal development work and I felt I had a block to over come. This afternoon I had a session of Havening, it's a psycho sensory technique. I'm blown away by how I now feel. Lighter, a great sense of relief and a little bit naughty! thanks Janie Whittemore you are amazing.' B.C.

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What happens during a session?

Read on for more information:

Once a painful memory is activated, gentle touch is applied to the hands, arms and face by the therapist or the client and distraction exercises are used. This creates the necessary conditions in the brain to remove the receptors that trigger distressing emotions and physical content of a trauma based memory.

If the client doesn't feel comfortable disclosing some the content of an event the therapist does not need to know all the details.

This exciting new therapy has three distinct applications:

  • Emotional disturbances and encoded psychological trauma
  • Wellness, stress management, and peak performance
  • As a self-help tool

    This psychosensory therapy is gentle and suitable for most clients to do themselves given the correct guidance from a certified practitioner.

      “When an event or experience is perceived as traumatic or very stressful it becomes immutably encoded, often with life-altering consequences. However, recent research from the field of neuroscience has shown us how it's possible to modify this encoding.”
      Dr Ron Ruden MD PhD (Developer)

    - see more here

    Reiki Master/Teacher and Reflexologist based in Cheltenham, the heart of the Cotswolds;
    easily accessible from Gloucester, Bath, Birmingham and Bristol

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