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'I recently experienced a Havening session with Janie at The Healing Company. A treatment I had not opted for before, as I was not aware of what was involved, this was something new to me. If you can be open to all eventuality and open your consciousness, leave any inhibitions at the door, I can assure you, you will absolutely reap the benefits of this powerful form of healing. Of course, your guide needs to be open, caring, safe and empathetic, all of which Janie has in abundance. I am now 6 weeks on and feel very differently about my concerns, I truly haven't really looked back, and if I have it has been momentary and easily managed. I recommend Janie and Havening to anyone that wants to move on, feel differently and enjoy what you have. Thank You Janie.' Jun 03, 2016 Claire Stephens

'I have just had the most amazing experience. As lots of you are aware I'm on a journey doing lots of mindset and personal development work and I felt I had a block to over come. This afternoon I had a session of Havening, it's a psycho sensory technique. I'm blown away by how I now feel. Lighter, a great sense of relief and a little bit naughty! thanks Janie Whittemore you are amazing.' B.C.

'I give thanks for Janie. She is a talented and compassionate healer. I was first led to her Reiki 1 Course and found her to be intelligent, warm and wise. Since then she has greatly assisted me on my healing journey with Reiki sessions, where she intuitively picks up on what it is that is most needed on the day. Her conservatory is an oasis of tranquillity and calm, where the essential oils, crystals and calming music nurture and cocoon me in an environment of safety and love, allowing me to be open to the healing divine energy flowing freely through her hands. Love and thanks xx' Karen, January2017

'Visited Janie for my first experience of Reiki and was totally hooked! Lovely lady, a wealth of knowledge and felt good with a very open mind for more! Thankyou!' Belinda, November 2016

'Before I met Janie, I felt lost, unhappy, and not sure what my purpose in life was anymore.
Her Reiki treatments were so relaxing during the weeks I saw her and they have left me with a feeling of peace and happiness. I have found myself again! ' Georgina, September 2016

'I had a Reflexology/Reiki combo with Janie before Christmas - what an awesome tonic to give me an extra boost for the festive season! PLUS I managed to do my best run training session so far the following morning - I felt like I could have gone on forever (which is very unlike me!). I will definitely be back...' Alison Carter

'This afternoon I had a Reiki/Reflexology session with Janie, I am now more relaxed than I have been in ages! It was a wonderful treatment and Janie is a truly inspired and intuitive healer. I recommend her to you.' Mary Pearson

'I look forward to every treatment. Janie made me feel so relaxed and happy and my treatments help me enormously' - R. Souter

'The very best you could do for yourself in 2016 is to book a healing session with Janie, unbelievably good, you will feel wonderful, ready for whatever comes your way.' Claire Stephens

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Testimonials - Teaching

Having spent quite a long time looking for the right person to help me take the step forward with Reiki 1. I am so pleased to say I have found that person in Janie. I have just completed Reiki 1 with Jaine and must say a truly amazing experience. The days session met all my expectations and Janie was responsive to my own learning needs ensuring I truly understood. We can all do what it says in a book.... But some things can not be just read...they need to be experienced. If you have ever wondered about the power of Reiki but never taken that first step... Then a session with Janie needs to be experienced. Excellent teaching and healing. With thanks. - Will

An obvious natural, who excels at anything she puts her mind to. Janie is immensely professional, and brings fresh thinking, and a positive attitude to everything she does - M. Jago

....Janie is a thorough, caring and professional teacher and I learnt a lot from her. I would highly recommend Janie - D. Galway

I am more than happy to recommend Janie for her healing work. Her integrity and expertise is second to none. - C. O'Connell

The Reiki course run by Janie was excellent. She is a very good teacher with a lovely voice. The structure of the course was well designed with just the right amount of theory and practical exercises, and very beneficial for me personally - R. Moares

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Testimonials - Havening

The Havening session I had with Janie was enlightening and effective. Her wonderful warm, supportive manner makes it easy and safe to open up and make the most of the opportunity to heal. She helped me to discover a key pattern in my life that I hadn't been aware of, despite the fact it was right under my nose! :)
In addition to helping me find the limiting belief, Janie used her skills to help me clear it and move forward. I made a significant decision after the session, and took action on it a week later - a decision that has resulted in my being free from the limits that were holding me back before. I highly recommend Janie to anyone who wants to make powerful changes in their life!
- Odille Rault 2/12/15

It has been a great pleasure to meet Janie and have her be my Reiki Master and to give me Reiki healing. She is intuitive, kindly, understanding, humorous and a very powerful healer. I cannot recommend her more strongly. My Reiki sessions with her have been transformative. Sometimes the energy buzzes for days, decisions are easier to make and the world seems a nicer place. Other times, peace and contentment descends. It is hard to describe, - maybe it is just healing - R. T. Lane

Janie is a very gifted and loving healer and teacher. She teaches the beautiful abundance of information and skills of Shamballa Reiki, making it all very accessible and clear. She listens to you, and guides you through it all with ease and compassion. I really enjoy learning with her. I would highly recommend Janie to anyone who wants to learn how to open up their inner healer in relaxed and loving ways. -T. Brodey

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Testimonials - Managerial / PR/ Event Management:

Janie is a highly capable organiser with a keen eye for detail. Janie manages large events with the upmost efficiency and charm, she is a delight to work with and I recommend her very highly - Mike

Janie is an excellent manager who organises many successful and transformative events, liaises with practitioners and the public, and is responsible for creatively marketing the centre. She also heads a team of dedicated staff at Isbourne, and she does all of this with cheerful efficiency and friendliness combined with a clarity of communication that has helped Isbourne move forward positively even during a time of economic difficulties... - Graham

Apart from running the Isbourne with dexterity, using mangement skills acquired from experience, Janie has an intuitive ability to foresee issues and deal with them before they become problems. However her main strength is in her people relations, whether it is with the public, customers or colleagues, she has a natural ease and enthusiasm which people respect and aspire to, making people feel comfortable and valued. - Chrissy

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