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What is a session with me like? iwork4uglos visited for a treatment- Watch a video review!

I have been working with clients practically and intuitively for years, and love to watch the hope and health come back into their lives. I can help to accelerate deep healing, clear existing unwanted blockages to health and promote a deep sense of well-being.
These treatments are holistic, meaning they work on all levels, emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually, gently encouraging your body to move forward towards optimum health.

Always helping others but no time for YOU?

We often forget to meet our own needs. Maybe you are a carer, nurse or therapist and are so busy helping others you neglect yourself. While some see this as being selfless, if you do not take responsibility for your health it can be damaging in the long term.
Otherwise, how can you function at your best and be helpful to others?

Make time for healing before imbalances become an illness.
When you have work/life imbalances it is likely that you also have subtle physical or emotional imbalances. If these are ignored for too long, physical symptoms can result.

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How can I help?

Stress is a major factor in modern life.
Some of it helps us achieve more, but most of it just floods our body as stress hormones.
These don't get used up in the way they are intended. (no sabre-toothed tigers to fight!)

Studies have shown that even just watching upsetting scenes causes our brain to tell our body to react as if we are actually having that experience. It cannot tell the difference! This causes great disturbance to our equilibrium.

The treatments I offer, together with intuitive connection and many years' experience, can help to identify these barriers to wellness and create positive health in body and mind.

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Reiki Master/Teacher, Havening Techniques Practitioner and Reflexologist
for Cheltenham and the Cotswolds

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