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Are you feeling anxious, stressed or worried?
-online sessions available now-

Gentle Techniques, Powerful Results

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Janie Whittemore

How can I help you?

Experience the benefits of these high vibration methods:
1. Havening Techniques® : the Mind Healer
- a revolutionary technique based on neuroscience

2. Reiki Healing : the Empowerment Tool
-a spiritual intuitive energy healing practice to re-align you completely

3. Reflexology: the Wellbeing Creator
- a long-established rebalancing therapy

Pay for 5 one-hour sessions up front and get 1 for free, worth £50!
Reiki and Reflexology - or a mix of the two!
Each booked when you are ready, when suits you, using my easy online booking system.

Please read Terms and Conditions and Privacy Notice before booking

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Read what a recent happy client wrote: -
"...There is a lot of anxiety, fear and gloom in the world at the moment, so I decided to take Janie up on her online Havening offer to help me 'be my best' through this new reality we are all living through.

At the start, she explains how the session works to put you at ease and then takes you through it - which I can genuinely say surpassed all my expectations. I left the session feeling calm, balanced & strong. She also leaves you with the skills to apply yourself when you feel the need over the next few weeks.

I would highly recommend Janie's online Havening sessions - especially if you feel overwhelmed by the new reality of Covid-19 that we are currently living through. Thank you again, Janie"
Eugene, March 2020

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Face-to-face sessions, online sessions, packages available

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TIP: Don't wait until you are ill!

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What is a session with me like?

I have been working with clients intuitively for years, and love to watch the hope and health come back into their lives.

My treatments are holistic, meaning they work emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.

While you lie down and totally relax, I help to accelerate your deep healing, clear existing unwanted blockages to health and promote a deep sense of well-being in you.

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Always helping others but no time for YOU?

Maybe you are a carer, parent, nurse or therapist and are so busy focusing on others that you neglect yourself?

While some see this as being selfless, if you don't take responsibility for your health it can be damaging for you.

Otherwise, how will you function at your best and be helpful to others?

Make time for healing before imbalances become an illness.
If these are ignored for too long, physical symptoms can result

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Janie Whittemore - Reiki, Reflexology and Havening Techniques specialist for Cheltenham, Gloucester and the Cotswolds

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Is this all a bit woo-woo?

Healers and holistic practitioners come in all shapes and sizes. Some you might find are 'way out there' and some are grounded and very realistic. I guess I am a bit of both! We are here on this earth to live our lives in the here and now, so fluffiness is lovely but sometimes impractical. My training and experience covers multi-dimensional healing and ascension processes, (meaning being one with all things and bringing more light into the body) but you will find me down to earth and very approachable.

I have had various levels of training in counselling, coaching, Health Sciences, psychology, mindfulness and meditation. I have been to acting school, lived in Italy and Australia, worked in a bank, had a holistic practice in London, run a holistic centre in Cheltenham, travelled to Asia and lived for years in Thailand, and had many adventures in between. I practice gratitude, mindfulness, meditation and occasional yoga.

My clients find me because they are supposed to, and they feel that I am the right person for them to work with. They want to make changes and be the best they can be - because they have a growth mindset. They are curious and open-minded - but don't have to have any specific beliefs!

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If you aren't sure what to ask me before making your booking, just pick up the phone and we can chat. No charge for talking! I look forward to connecting with you.

    Reiki healer and Reflexologist - helping you with stress, pain, tension and anxiety
    Havening Techniques practitioner - helping you with anxiety, trauma and phobias
    Havening Techniques Cotswolds - can be done online by Skype or Zoom!
    Reiki Training and Reiki Courses in Cheltenham and Cirencester
    Reflexology sessions to re-balance your whole being accessible from Cirencester, Tewksbury, Cheltenham and Gloucester

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